Tips To Create The Bed Canopy Of Your Dreams

Canopies were once used over a person’s bed to keep insects and unwanted critters out. Today, canopies are used to give your bedroom that glamorous, romantic touch. You may be thinking to yourself that in order to get the canopy you want; you’ll have to buy a whole new bedroom set. However, that is not true. Create the bed canopy of your dreams with these 10 simple tips.

  1. Find something that fits your style. Are you someone who enjoys the soft romantic look, or are you someone who is more rustic. Knowing what you are looking for in your bedroom will help you find a canopy that fits you.
  2. Use a hula hoop or embroidery hoop. Surprisingly, you can create a beautiful, simple canopy with a hula hoop/embroidery hoop, tulle fabric, and some string. This is great for dorm rooms and little girl rooms.
  3. To add color to a room, use a tapestry or bold fabric. If you are looking to add a little flair to bedroom, use a fun tapestry or really bold fabric that consists of lots of shapes and colors. You will just need some nails, fabric and a hammer.
  4. Use a vintage ladder for a more rustic look. To create a more rustic look in the bedroom, mount a vintage style ladder to your wall and then drape fabric over the rungs. Since the fabric is stapled to the ladder, you can change this up when you decide you want to change colors again.
  5. Fringed fabric and twine will create a more bohemian styled canopy. Hanging the fringed fabric on the twine as if it were a clothesline will give you an amazing looking canopy in just minutes.
  6. Hang string lights. Adding string lights to your canopy will add an extra whimsical touch, not to mention some extra lighting.
  7. Chose solid curtains for some extra privacy or shade in your bedroom. Once that sun starts shining through your window telling you it’s time to wake up, pull the curtains on your canopy bed together and get some more shut eye.
  8. A sturdy branch can help you create a beautiful shabby chic canopy in no time at all. Go find a nice, sturdy branch and some wonderful fabric of your choice now!
  9. Simple yet beautiful. If you don’t want a canopy to cover your whole bed, invest in two small hoops, attach them to the ceiling and drape long pieces of fabric through them.
  10. Staple gun. For those DIYers that don’t want to spend a lot of time on this project, you can take the easiest route by grabbing the fabric of your choice and stapling it to the ceiling. Presto magic, a canopy.



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