Tips For Romantic Bedroom Décor To Surprise Your Loved One With

Your bedroom should be more than just somewhere to lay your head. It should be a place where you and your husband can retreat too. It should be a place where love and romance are cultivated, encouraged, and celebrated, but for many that is not the case. But, today is the day you can change that. Here are 10 tips for romantic bedroom décor to surprise your loved one with.

  1. Create a wall mural of love. Hand-paint a personal love letter in your own handwriting, creating a beautiful, dramatic accent wall.


  1. Fill the room with candles. Not only do candles smell good, they create that perfect romantic ambience by giving your entire room a nice, soft glow. Grab candles in you and your hubby’s favorite scent and be sure to light them often.


  1. Choosing a soothing color. Colors and emotions are connected. Create a beautiful romantic paradise by choosing a color that you love and find soothing for both you and your husband.


  1. Remove attention stealers. Though this may not be actual bedroom décor, to create a more romantic bedroom you should remove devices that steal your attention away from your spouse. These include, you guessed it, anything electronic. Keep your cell phone, the TV, and the computer out of the bedroom.


  1. Add a beautiful canopy. Adding a beautiful canopy to your room will bring a magical romantic feeling right away. To make it really special, add some lights to it.


6. Play romantic music. Create a playlist of romantic songs. Add the song you danced to at your wedding, the first song you dedicated to each other or anything from Dirty Dancing. According to Spotify’s Science Behind the Song Survey; men and women both chose “anything from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack” as the most romantic song.

7.  Romantic wall art. Whether it is a ticket from your first concert together or the vows from your wedding day, hang a pledge of your love permanently on the wall for both of you to see.



8. Make your bed inviting. Create a warm, inviting retreat by covering your bed in the finest fabrics. No one wants to lie on sheets that feel like cardboard. Add soft, sensuous fabrics that make you want to lay in them forever.



 9.  Curtains are important. You may not give much thought to the curtains in your bedroom, but you should. Invest in blackout curtains so you two lovebirds can stay in bed as long as you want.

 10. Make it comfortable for you. The most important thing to remember is that is your bedroom. It isn’t about what the latest fashion trend is, or what someone else tells you to do. Your bedroom is meant to be a safe haven for you and your husband, so make it comfortable for the two of you.


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